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UWS introduce new app for indoor navigation

University of the West of Scotland (UWS) recently introduced an innovative navigation system for its Paisley Campus, aimed helping students, staff and visitors find their way around the Campus and its buildings.

Wayfinding app

The free Wayfinding app, which can be downloaded from the Apple app store or the Google Play store for use on either Apple or Android devices, is the first of its kind to be offered by a Scottish university. 

The University’s Paisley Campus has over 20 buildings and the app, which will be particularly useful to new students, provides an indoor navigation system based on “street view” like photographic imagery and covers the whole Campus.

The system allows people to easily and intuitively find their way about by following simple directions and easy to follow text based instruction along with the photographic images without needing to read digital maps or learn a foreign interface. 

We chose the Eyedog system because the use of photographs around our buildings is more intuitive for our visitors than seeing their position on a flat map with no idea of which way they are facing.
Claudette Jones, Chief Information Officer at UWS

Claudette Jones, CIO, added: "With our range of International students, language difficulties are overcome by the use of graphics. The ability to choose routes without stairs goes some way to improving the accessibility of our Campus.”  

I find the app really useful and easy to use. I’ve used it since my first day here to get me from place to place and from building to building and I’m still using it.
Maryam Asghar, a direct entry second year student studying Psychology at Paisley Campus

Partnership with Eyedog Indoor Navigation

To produce this innovative new system UWS partnered with Netherlands-based Eyedog Indoor Navigation, one of the leaders in the mobile wayfinding business.

“It is not required to install costly and maintenance intensive external hardware like beacons or WiFi stations for Eyedog Indoor Navigation to function. That makes it very interesting for UWS since the Campus is pretty big with a lot of different buildings. But more importantly, image based navigation offers an unrivalled wayfinding experience. We simply follow current scientific wayfinding best practises”, says Ralph Michels, CTO and founder of Eyedog, and who is also a PhD candidate in this field.