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Graduate School & Doctoral Training Academy | UWS | University of the West of Scotland

Graduate School & Doctoral Training Academy

UWS is committed to supporting postgraduate research (PGR) students develop the skills and attributes for a successful research career, and also in supporting academic colleagues to nurture and develop our PGR community.

We are committed to providing high quality postgraduate research opportunities across the themes of Health, Society and Sustainability with the right blend of specialist insight, research training and professional knowledge.

Doctoral Training Academy

The UWS Doctoral Training Academy (DTA) is here to ensure that your time as a doctoral candidate here at UWS is as rewarding and enjoyable as possible and that you are prepared to meet your needs, expectations, and career ambitions. Teh DTA will equips you for key roles in research and beyond and enables you to make the most of the excitement and challenges of research.

The DTA places you at the heart of our research culture and community and supports you to undertake cutting-edge research. The Academy works collaboratively with Schools, research groups and other departments such as Research Services and Enterprise Services fostering strategic collaborations by combining expertise from within our thematic centres of excellence, and partner organisations such as the NHS, industry, third sector etc.

A key feature of the DTA is the multidisciplinary doctoral training programme which focuses on personal development, professional development, output and impact. The DTA aspires to develop the next generation of UWS research graduates with the skills and expertise to create impact and drive innovation in a wide range of sectors.

UWS Doctoral Training Programme

Enhancing the personal and professional development of our doctoral students

A key feature of UWS doctoral provision is the multidisciplinary doctoral training programme which is aligned to the Vitae Researcher Development Framework.

A cohort based approach to training and development has been developed allowing participants to undertake activities that support their PhD journey and career development.

All research students are expected to engage in the programme during which you will gain a range of valuable skills in addition to the in-depth knowledge and understanding of your research topic.  Skills development has a critical part to play in your employability – it is well recognised that employers both within and outwith academia place great importance in, and recognise the value of, developed transferable skills in prospective employees. By planning and undertaking the right training and thinking about your professional and personal development you can significantly improve your employability.

Doctoral Research Opportunities

UWS has a thriving research community of around 500 research students from more than 20 countries. Every year we offer a number of studentships/scholarships for eligible candidates to commence research on a defined programme of research. These are predominantly aimed at PhD programmes of study. However, it is possible to commence research programes with either the MRes or the MPhil degrees.

In addition to these traditional research degrees, UWS also offers the more modern professional doctorates for pratitioners (Doctor of Business Administration - DBA, or Professional Doctorate - DProf).

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In addition to the current projects that we are promoting, our staff are delighted to receive applications from students interested in studying for a research degree in relevant areas. Browse our database of staff expertise to identify an appropriate supervisor to approach directly.

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UWS Research and Enterprise Guide

University of the West of Scotland PDF Download Icon | UWS

This guide provides a snapshot of our current research activities and gives an indication of our direction of travel, highlighting the strengths and capabilities which will shape the future of research at UWS.

Downlaod our Research & Enterprise Guide (21MB - pdf)
Last updated: 07/08/2017