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CAREED (Centre for African Research on Enterprise and Economic Development) is a unique centre of excellence within Scotland which will initially focus on 4 areas of interest which reflect the current research interests of academic staff, namely: commodities and exporting; enterprise and entrepreneurship; logistics and supply chain management; governance and ethics; and microfinance and social business.

This concentration will evolve over time as the Centre expands and develops.

Professor John Struthers | Director of CAREED for UWS | University of the West of Scotland

Professor John Struthers, Director of CAREED

Dr. Dina Nziku | Steering Committee of CAREER | University of the West of Scotland

Dr. Dina Nziku, Member (Steering Committee of CAREED)

Dr Adebisi Adewole | Steering Committee of CAREED | University of the West of Scotland

Dr Adebisi Adewole Member (Steering Committee of CAREED)

Our vision

Our vision for CAREED is based on two main foundations:

Firstly, our vision reflects the current economic transformation that a number of African economies are experiencing with many countries on the continent according to organisations such as the IMF and the World Bank enjoying record high levels of economic growth. In that context, CAREED is established at a time when the African continent is on the move economically and is well placed to conduct high level and applied research in the areas of enterprise and economic development to contribute to that process. 

Secondly, we have an unrivalled group of staff and PhD students who are either from the continent or are studying various aspects of African economic development within the School of Business & Enterprise.

CAREED Members Discussing UWS Vision | UWS | University of the West of Scotland

CAREED Members Discussing UWS Vision | University of the West of Scotland

UWS CAREED Members Celebrating UWS Vision | University of the West of Scotland

UWS Centre For African Research on Enterprise & Economic Development Member Picture

CAREED Updates

For a complete overview of research activities involing UWS staff, please also refer to our research portal.

UWS Research portal

Recent Research Bids

  • Successful joint bid with UWS School of Computing and Engineering for project on upgrading enterprise skills of female handicraft entrepreneurs in Uganda. Funding by The Royal Academy of Engineering.
  • Professor John Struthers in conjunction with the School of Science and Sport and external agents, Diaspora Community Support Services welcomed a delegation of government officials from Kenya. The delegates were in Scotland for two weeks in February and undertook CPD training courses in environmental topics. The course was funded by the World Bank and the delegates came from from the Kenyan Ministry of Housing, Transport, Environment and Urban Infrastructure.  

Recent publications

  • Nziku, D. M  and Struthers, J.J (2018) "Female entrepreneurship in Africa: strength of weak ties in mitigating principal-agent problems", Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development, (forthcoming in Special Issue on Entrepreneurship in Africa)
  • Struthers, J. J (2017) “Commodity price volatility: an evolving principal-agent problem”, in Future Fragmentation Processes; Effectively Engaging with the Ascendancy of Global Value Chains, ed by Keane, J and Baimbill-Johnson, R, Commonwealth Secretariat, London
  • Harrison, C, Burnard, K and Paul, S (2018) “Entrepreneurial leadership in a developing country: skill based analysis, (forthcoming in Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development)
  • Harrison, C (2018), Book on Leadership published by Palgrave Macmillan, London;
    Nziku, D (2017), co-author of book chapter in book on Female Entrepreneurship, published by Edward Elgar, London
  • Book by Adebisi Adewole and John Struthers entitled: "Logistics and Global Value Chains in Africa: The Impact on Trade and Development", to be published in 2018 by Palgrave Macmillan in their Palgrave Studies of Sustainable Business in Africa Series

Conference presentations

  • Struthers, J.J and Emeana, K, (2017)” Global value chains: participation of smallholder producers in African countries: lessons from Ethiopian smallholder coffee producers”, paper presented at Multi-year Expert Meeting on Commodities and Development, ninth session, UNCTAD Geneva 12-13 October 2017
  • John Struthers presented (in absentia) at an UNCTAD Conference on African Entrepreneurship Forum in Kigali, Rwanda on 13-14 December 2017 on the work of CAREED

Other News

  • CAREED Monthly Seminar commenced in February 2018
  • The Director, Professor John Struthers, made a presentation in January at African Forum Scotland, Glasgow, on the work of CAREED to a delegation from Gambia including the Minister for Basic and Secondary Education
  • The Director, Professor John Struthers, and Deputy Director, Dr Adebisi Adewole, met in February 2018 with visitors from the Paisley based organisation Just Trading to discuss potential collaboration. This was followed up by a visit in April to Just Trading's premises in Paisley by Professor Struthers and Dr Dina Nziku

Upcoming Research Seminars

Trust and West African Networks

Kingsley Omeihe
Doctoral Researcher

Wednesday 27th June 2018
Paisley, Gardner Building
Room - G118
4.30-5.30 pm

Sustainability Assessment of Bioenergy Systems

Omeihe Tope Falade
Doctoral Researcher

Wednesday 25th July 2018
Paisley, Gardner Building
Room - G118
4.30-5.30 pm

CAREED Membership


Prof John Struthers
Director of CAREED


Dr Dina Nziku
Member (Steering Committee of CAREED)

Dr Adebisi Adewole
Member (Steering Committee of CAREED)

Kingsley Omeihe
Member/Executive administrator

Staff members

Prof Rob Smith 

Dr Isaac Amoako

Professor Heather Tarbert

Dr Firdu Gemech

Dr Thandiwe Mtetwa 

Dr Abeer Hassan

PhD student members

Abdulmonem Esaudi

Christian Harrison

Charlotte Eba

Osikwemhe Damisah

Kingsley N. Emeana

Kingsley Obinna Omeihe

CAREED Member Associate

Dina Rabie Sayed 

Dr. Hadia Fakhreldin 

Dr. Rania Miniesy 

Graham Allen 

Professor John Adams 

Rob Worrall 

Sarah Elbakry 

Shadwa Zaher 

Shereen Essam Attia 

CAREED Membership Benefits

As a member of the centre, you will be part of a network of professionals with good solid foundation of African experience and research expertise focused on commodities and exporting, enterprise, logistics, supply and value chains, government, ethics, microfinance, social business and economic development.

You will have the opportunity to gain knowledge and share your expertise and experience through our seminar, workshops, conferences and other events. In addition members can publish their articles with our working paper series and will have access to our high quality research done by our expertise in different fields.

The centre will provide a mutually supportive environment and structure in which PhD student research career can be nurtured and supported. This will be together with support for attending and presenting in conference and workshops, opportunities to engage in teaching, participation in centre workshops, seminars and all the academic conferences that will be organised by the CAREED. In the long run possibly internship opportunities in companies and public sector organisation with an interest in Africa.

All the CAREED members will be entitled for a special discount fees in the writing retreats that will be organised by a full qualified and formally trained organiser.

CAREED Membership Form

University of the West of Scotland PDF Download Icon | UWS

Download the CAREED Associate Membership form here.

Membership Form

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Business School
University of the West of Scotland

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