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The Interdisciplinary Research Unit for Crime, Policing and Social Justice (CPSJ) is a flagship centre of excellence in research and enterprise that spans across the Schools of Education and Media Culture and Society but also has links with other Schools.

It is structured around areas of scholarly focus that are critical to the development of safe, inclusive and flourishing communities. This includes those aspects that are at the heart of building community safety, criminal and social justice. It embraces studies in sociological, criminological and educational studies as well as those focused on physical activity and wellbeing within the context of crime prevention. The Research Unit seeks to conduct innovative applied research – with a particular focus on ethnographic methods - and to engage in enterprise and commercial activity, working in partnership with a wide range of external bodies in Scotland, the UK, Europe and the wider world.

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Research Themes

Research and Enterprise Group on Youth Justice and Crime Prevention

This group focuses on generating new applied knowledge about the nature and causes of youth violence, crime and gang culture and the particular aspects of social and educational interventions, criminal justice and deterrence strategies that may support young people’s desistance from crime and generate social inclusion among young people, communities and families. In recent years, grants valued have been received from the British Academy, Carnegie Trust, the Scottish Institute for Policing Research, the Scottish Prison Service and the Big Lottery.

Research and Enterprise Group on Policing Research

This research group/cluster would draw on the expertise of nationally and internationally recognised experts from criminology, law, psychology, social policy, enterprise and innovation to help shape policy and practice in criminal justice and policing issues. Collectively, members of the group have an international reputation for conducting applied, ‘real world’ research in the areas of policing and organised crime. The members are committed to producing high-quality, credible and unbiased evidence that is able to meet the needs and objectives of those working in the criminal justice system.

Publications and Activites

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Research Outputs

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Seminar Series 2018/19: 'Criminal Justice Issues in 21st Century Scotland' 

This series of seminars explores some of the most salient issues facing the criminal justice system in Scotland in the 21st century. A series of internal and external speakers present insights into issues relating to policing, the prison system and community justice. Below you can find filmed recordings of a selection of the presentations and seminar sessions:

Professor Nick Fyfe, University of Dundee – Police Reform, Research Evidence and the Uses of ‘Expert Knowledge’

Will Linden & Keith Jack, Violence Reduction Unit; Tim Ross, Police Scotland – Community Policing debate 

Tony Bone, Includem; Scott Muir, Sacro; George nelson, Turning Point Scotland – Third  Sector Partnership Work with the Police 

Below you can find filmed recordings of a selection of additional seminars delivered in 2018/19, focused on issues of gangs, prisons and desistance:

Professor Line Lerche Morck, University of Aarhus, Denmark and Martin Celosse-Anderson – Movements from Gang Masculinity

Dr Andrew Johnson, Metropolitan State University, Minnesota, USA and Professor Ross Deuchar, University of the West of Scotland – Spirituality and Prison: A Global Perspective

BA (Hons) Criminal Justice / Criminal Justice (Policing)

The degree in Criminal Justice/Criminal Justice (Policing) explored the concepts, structures, organisations and processes involved in the prevention, investigation and prosecution of crime. Students will study the working of the criminal law and criminal court system, and examine the treatment of offenders within society.

​BA (Hons) Criminal Justice/criminal justice (policing)


Last updated: 19/06/2018

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