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Dementia Palliare

The Palliare project, funded by the EU Erasmus + programme aims to develop interprofessional experiential learning (IPE) solutions that will equip the qualified dementia workforce to champion evidence informed improvements to advanced dementia care and family caring. The term palliative care is derived from the Latin verb ‘palliare’ which means to cloak.

Palliative care aims to relieve and prevent pain and suffering at all stages of a condition, in all areas of someone’s life. Dementia is a progressive condition, with an extended, intensive palliative care phase.

The Palliare project was undertaken by a partnership of seven countries and involved 11 work streams. The first phase of the project sought to develop an inter-professional understanding of best practice for advanced dementia care and family caring, and an understanding of the contribution of different disciplines to the achievement of best practice.

The second phase focussed on developing an interprofessional learning framework(Best Practice Statement) to equip the European qualified dementia workforce to transform advanced dementia care and deliver best practice.

The final phase of the project established an experienced based interprofessional learning framework including an international online community of practice and four ‘Palliare’ Modules. The Palliare Modules focus on advanced dementia care and form a ‘dementia pathway’ within our MSc Gerontology programme. In combination these have the potential to equip qualified practitioners, such as doctors, nurses, allied health and social care professionals to champion change and achieve the delivery of best advanced dementia practice, based on the Palliare model.

The European Best Practice Statement on advanced dementia care is now available to download and use in practice. The Statement is intended for professionals, to stimulate learning, provide a basis for improving care directly and indirectly and involving the person, their family and friends, enhance partnerships and stimulate ideas for improvement. 

The Dementia Palliare Community of Practice welcomes everyone interested in advanced dementia care. Join the Community of Practice to learn about and share practice solutions.

The project brochure outlining the key outputs of the project and visions for the virtual Dementia Academy can be downloaded here.

Our project was graded by the EU assessors as ‘Very Good’ which is the highest outcome that can be achieved. Many thanks to all the partner teams for their dedication and continued efforts to convey the evidence and educational resources the project developed.  

Last updated: 24/04/2018