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Our multi- & inter-disciplinary research

UWS has six academic schools, four campuses across the west of Scotland and one in London, and a network of research institutes. While our work covers an enormous breadth of interests, our activities fall into three key strategic areas of Health, Society and Sustainability. Across these themes, the majority of our activities fall into multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary working.

Research subject areas

Although we classify our research into the three themes (Health, Society and Sustainability), the actual research is undertaken by academic staff across our subject areas. The collaborative nature of our research means that many subject research grouping will work together to produce results within a theme. Our research subject areas are outlined below.

Search Research System

PURE is the University's research information management system and provides a single source of research information for UWS. It is used to record and manage research activity with details of research outputs, funding applications, conference contributions, external impact and staff profiles.