UWS student Amy LesselsPaisley-based Amy Lessels, who is studying towards a BA (Hons) in Integrated Health and Social Care at UWS, has chosen to explore the link between acquired head injury and offending behaviour in Scotland under the Carnegie Vacation Scholarship programme.

The Carnegie Vacation Scholarship is awarded to students from qualifying higher education institutions who wish to undertake a programme of independent research during the holiday period which will be of direct benefit to their studies.

Each project can last between two and 12 weeks, with students being paid the Scottish Living Wage.

According to the National Prisoner Health Network (2016), acquired head injuries (AHI) resulting in cognitive impairment can lead to neuro behavioural changes to personality or emotional stability increasing the likelihood of impulsive, aggressive behaviour with poor tolerance and disregard for others.


Amy’s project, supervised by Dr Bryan Mitchell, will collate current literature to establish connections and reoccurring themes and increase individuality of further research into the effectiveness of current interventions in Scotland by establishing inconsistencies or gaps in knowledge.

Amy said: “I am extremely grateful for the support of the Carnegie Vacation Scholarship 2020 and of course Bryan Mitchell who is kindly supervising and advising on the project.

“As a practical learner, the scholarship offers the opportunity of an alternative learning experience to build on and enhance my knowledge and understanding of research and reviews and what it entails. Additionally, the scholarship has challenged me to work independently and support my learning and preparation towards my dissertation in my honour’s year.”

Last updated: 02/09/2020