Society, Politics and Policy student Jane Franchi, from Paisley, has used her summer to undertake a research project which aims to investigate the impact of deprivation and poverty on adolescents’ academic performance within Greater Glasgow.

Jane is one of five UWS students to be awarded the Carnegie Vacation Scholarship. The scholarship is awarded to students from qualifying higher education institutions who wish to undertake a programme of independent research during the holiday period which will be of direct benefit to their studies.

Each project can last between two and 12 weeks, with students being paid the Scottish Living Wage.

The number of children living in poverty has risen faster than any other time in the previous 20 years. Jane’s work, supervised by Dr Vanesa Fuertes, will seek to give new insights into the ways in which deprivation levels can affect academic performance by analysing existing data.

Jane said: “Being a mother myself, as well as a student, I understand the value of education. The impacts of poverty affect so many people with the attainment gap becoming more prominent. This research aims to understand, from a teacher's perspective, the issues revolving around poverty and adolescents and identify how we can further aid steps in reducing poverty.”

Last updated: 03/09/2020