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Offers of study at UWS

There are a variety of ways we offer prospective students a place to study at UWS including conditional offers, unconditional offers and unconditional offers based on past and predicted performance.

For those students who receive an unconditional offer based on their past and predicted performance we have provided some further information about this offer here:

What is an unconditional offer based on past and predicted performance?

An unconditional offer to study at UWS based on past and predicted performance means that we believe you already have the necessary qualities to succeed on the course you have applied for on the basis of your strong academic track record.

The offer takes into account your previous academic achievements, existing qualifications, your personal statement and predicted academic performance as provided to us by your current teachers.

In determining your predicted performance, your teachers - who know you best academically - will have taken into consideration your past academic history, prelim results and existing qualifications.

Therefore, your unconditional offer means we believe have already demonstrated your ability and potential to succeed on the course you have applied for and that you are exactly the kind of student we are looking for.

Why are you issuing unconditional offers based on past and predicted performance?

These offers are made based on the expert, detailed knowledge that school teachers have of their pupils as well as an applicant’s existing qualifications and personal statement.

This information enables us to identify bright, ambitious and focused students who have already demonstrated strong academic performance to date, made a positive contribution to their current institution and have impressed their teachers with a positive approach to learning.

Offering unconditional places of study based on past and predicted performance encourages applicants to believe in their own potential, commit to Higher Education at an early stage and is a statement of confidence that we believe in them.

An unconditional offer also enables students to start looking forward to life at UWS and begin building their relationship with the University as soon as possible to ensure a smooth transition from school or college to university life.

We hope that by receiving an unconditional offer, it will alleviate some of the pressure students can feel during exam time, enabling them to focus solely on achieving excellence in their forthcoming exams, given that their final grades will become a very important part of their future curriculum vitae and academic record.

What if I don’t achieve my predicted grades?

In issuing unconditional offers based on past and predicted performance, we’re respecting the judgement of your current teachers, who know you best from an academic perspective.

We carefully take into consideration all of the information supplied about you, from academic achievements, existing qualifications, prelim results, your UCAS personal statement and predicted grades, to help us make our decision.

If you do not achieve your predicted grades you will still keep your unconditional offer given your previous academic performance and achievements show us you already have the necessary qualities and skills to succeed on your chosen course.

In some cases, depending on the grades you achieve against those which are predicted, you may be required to complete a UWS transition award to ensure you satisfy the University’s academic entry requirements. Study for this transition award is anticipated to begin in mid-August. Should you fall into this category we will be in touch direct about this.

Why are my exams still so important if I’ve received an unconditional offer?

Unconditional offers based on past and predicated performance are only made to individuals who have already demonstrated their motivation and ability to succeed based on their history of high performance throughout their academic lives to date.

With some of the pressure off knowing that your place at UWS is secure, applicants can fully focus on achieving the best exam results possible as these will still be a key part of their future Curriculum Vitae and academic record.

We are very clear that the exam qualifications applicants are studying for during their remaining time at school are essential, whether or not they have an unconditional offer from university.

Pupils must still sit their exams to keep their unconditional offer with us, if they do not sit their exams or drop a subject, their unconditional offer will be revised.

How do I accept my unconditional offer?

If you have already received an offer from us to study at UWS and you wish to accept it, all you need to do is log into UCAS Track at to view and confirm acceptance.

Last updated: 25/01/2019