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Supporting care experienced, estranged students and student carers at UWS

We understand that being a carer, a care experienced student or an estranged student can have a big impact on your life and studies. 

Our named contacts for these students are Alison Hillis and Mary Young, you can contact them via email at

To help you make the transition to university and get the most out of your time during your studies we provide a wide range of support and these include:

  • 1-1 tailored support
  • Assistance with UCAS or SAAS application
  • Advice about student funding and managing your money during your studies
  • Access to discretionary and childcare funds
  • Access to Counselling to support emotional wellbeing and development
  • Access to Silver Cloud, an interactive online tool to help you manage worry, understand your feelings and better deal with any challenging thoughts
  • Help developing study skills to prepare for degree level study
  • 365 days accommodation
  • Access to the Careers Service during and after your studies

Care Experienced Students at UWS

UWS care experienced students have recently set up a SAUWS group which offers friendship, support and information on what is going on at UWS and wider afield.  To contact the group email

There have recently been some videos produced by the group answering some questions about what it is like to be care experienced and studying at university which you can find at

Supporting Estranged Students at UWS

UWS is committed to supporting estranged students at UWS.  The University has taken The Stand Alone Pledge which helps institutions to support estranged students by providing a public commitment to improving policies and increasing support for students studying without a family network.  If you are thinking of studying/or currently studying at UWS estranged from your family and would like to know what additional support might be available or for further information please contact:

Supporting Student Carers at UWS

There are many commitments that students who are caring unpaid for a member of their family, friend who is ill, disabled or has mental health or addiction problems.  UWS is currently working towards the Aim Higher Award for Student Carers though the Carers Trust Scotland.

Our named contacts for these students are Alison Hillis and Mary Young, you can contact them via email at

UWS as a Corporate Parent

UWS is committed to supporting care experienced students.  To meet this commitment, we have developed a wide range of support services to ensure that all students fulfil their potential, achieve their goals and enjoy their time at UWS. We have a strong tradition of working with care experienced applicants and students and this commitment is embedded in all of our provision. This is a strategic priority for UWS and we will continue to work in partnership both internally and externally with other Corporate Parents to provide support so that our care experienced students will have a positive experience at UWS from pre-entry to after graduation.

Corporate Parenting Plan 2015-2018

The 2018-2021 Corporate Parenting Plan is currently being updated and will be published here soon.


Corporate Parenting Plan 2015-2018

Last updated: 22/01/2020