Scottish Public Services Ombudsman

  • Scottish Public Services Ombudsman

    The Scottish Public Services Ombudsman (SPSO) allows Scottish citizens to have access to fair and impartial decision-making on individual cases where users of public services and service providers disagree on the quality of service provided, particularly in areas of alleged maladministration and injustice. Their service is independent, impartial and free. Normally the SPSO consider complaints only after they have been through the formal complaints process of the organisation concerned.

    At the University of the West of Scotland we recognises that, though we are committed to providing the highest level of service for our students and other members of the public who may have contact with us, on occasion legitimate complaints may be raised in relation to programmes, services or facilities provided. Such feedback contributes to the ongoing development and enhancement of our services and all complaints are taken seriously and dealt with fairly and promptly, in confidence and without recrimination. 


    Members of the public, staff or students can make a complaint but the complaints procedure covers only those areas legitimately under the influence and jurisdiction of the University.


    Complaints from members of the Public should be directed in writing to:
    Donna McMillan
    University Registrar and Secretary to Court
    University of the West of Scotland
    Paisley Campus
    High Street
    Paisley PA1 2BE


    Students should follow the Students Complaints Procedure (complaints form). Please note that in relation to complaints or challenges to decisions about academic assessment, including progression, you should seek for this to be considered as an appeal in the first instance in accordance with the University Appeals Regulations. Where the criteria for an appeal are not met, the University’s Complaints Procedure applies. 


    If a member of staff has a grievance dispute or difficulty with other staff, they should raise the matter informally with their Head of Department and seek an informal resolution. If having exhausted all informal methods of resolution, the member of staff wishes to obtain redress for any grievance relating to his or her employment, the University's grievance procedures should be adopted. Complaint of sexual or racial harassment, are covered by procedures at the Equality and Diversity website