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  • Academic Titles

    ThePyrrhoBook-coverThe Pyrrho Book

    Author: Professor Malcolm Crowe

    ISBN: 978-1-903978-50-4

    Year of publication: 2015



  • Acquiring an International Standard Book Number (ISBN) from UWS

    ISBNs are unique 13-digit numbers that are allocated by publishers worldwide to aid the movement and sale of books.  An ISBN does not confer upon a book any copyright/intellectual property rights or academic status, nor does an ISBN legitimise the content in some way. There is no legal requirement for a book to have an ISBN (i.e. you may publish your book without one). Some authors, however, feel that the inclusion of an ISBN is an essential component to help promote and extend the reach of their work.
    The allocation of an ISBN to your book by UWS Library establishes UWS as the publisher and your book will be listed in Nielsen BookData UK’s “Nielsen Book” service. As publisher, UWS must be sure that it owns the intellectual property contained within the book (and/or has permission to publish content owned by third parties). This includes (but may not be limited to) text, typesetting, images, photographs, charts, graphs, logos, etc. and overall layout/design.

    UWS academic staff who would like a UWS ISBN allocated to a book should fill in the form in the Library section of the intranet: