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    Telephone: 0141 848 3999
    Ayr: 4.022
    Dumfries: Dudgeon House E1.4
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    Paisley: Library level 3
    Hours: 08:45-21:00 (Mon-Thu), 08:45-16:30 (Fri)

  • If you are visiting from an institution that participates in the EduRoam service, also known as JaNet Roaming Service (JRS), then you can connect to the EduRoam wireless service at UWS with the same username and password that you use at your own institution.
  • EduRoam FAQs - participating institutions visiting UWS

  • EduRoam FAQs - UWS users visiting other institutions

    • Where is EduRoam available?

      EduRoam is a location independent wireless network that allows for inter-institutional roaming.

      If you are visiting an institution that participates in the eduroam service then you can connect to the EduRoam wireless service at the host institution with the same username and password that you use at UWS.

      In the UK, EduRoam is also known as the JANET Roaming Service (JRS). You can locate other participating institutions in the UK and Northern Ireland by checking the JaNet website. (Note that institutions where the Service is listed as Home Only do not provide a service for visitors.)

      For locations of participating institutions outwith the UK refer to the EduRoam website.

    • How do I configure my device to connect to EduRoam at another institution?

      If you have already configured your device to use EduRoam at the University of the West of Scotland, you should be able to simply start up your device and logon to eduroam as you would at UWS; however we recommend you check with your host institution before you leave for any possible differences.

      Details of how to configure your device should be available from the institution you wish to visit.

      If you intend using the EduRoam service whilst visiting a participating institution, you must configure your laptop for that site before you go. The site you are visiting is not obliged to provide you with any support; support should be sought from the ITDS Helpdesk. You will need to know the following:

      • your realm: e.g.
      • your email address and password
      • the UWS wireless support web site address:
      • the UWS Conditions for using IT Facilities
      • the ITDS Helpdesk phone number: +44(0)141 848 3999

      Note: your EduRoam username is your email address - this is the only format that will work with the EduRoam network

    • What should I do before I leave UWS?

      Before you leave UWS, you should check that:

      • your device works with the UWS EduRoam service;
      • you have read the Acceptable Use Policy of the institution you are visiting;
      • you have confirmed that the network facilities you require are provided by the host service;
      • you have confirmed that remote access to the UWS facilities you require is permitted by the host site.

      If in any doubt, contact the ITDS Helpdesk before you leave.

    • What can I do when connected to EduRoam at a participating institution?
      You won't have the same Internet access as you do from the UWS staff service; access to some UWS resources is restricted. The services available to you off campus are the same as those available to you when connected from home, or from an internet café. You will be able to access your e-mail via Outlook Web Access.
    • Who provides support for EduRoam when I am visiting another EduRoam institution?
      ITDS provides EduRoam support whether you are on campus or visiting another EduRoam institution. If you have difficulty connecting to the EduRoam service whilst visiting another institution, contact the ITDS Helpdesk.