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When someone in your family is diagnosed with something like dementia, you’re bombarded with questions from family and friends that you don’t really have the answers to. You can’t clarify how things are going to progress, you don’t even know what support is available for you locally, it’s a shock to the system. When I went to the Carer’s Academy, it was perfect! The Academy’s resources, particularly the caregiver support groups, were a lifeline for us. I learned coping mechanisms and connected with others facing similar challenges. For me, the programme has been transformative. Meeting other people that are going through the same situation and building that community has given us both a sense of control in a situation that can feel overwhelming. Understanding the disease better allows me to support Susan more effectively.
Joe Carson, caregiver for Wife Susan
We are delighted to continue our collaboration with UWS through the ASCPP. This renewed agreement represents a powerful testament to the impact we can achieve together. The ASCPP's research and educational programmes are instrumental in improving dementia care - not only in Scotland but around the world. We look forward to continuing to work alongside UWS to build upon these successes and ensure a brighter future for families living with dementia.
Alzheimer Scotland’s Chief Executive, Henry Simmons
We are delighted to renew our partnership with Alzheimer Scotland and ensure that the concerns and priorities of people whose lives are affected by dementia are at the heart of all we do. The combined expertise of UWS and Alzheimer Scotland allows us to propel positive change through applied research and dementia education for all. The practical focus of the ASCPP Carer’s Academy helps family carers understand dementia related changes and appreciate how to look after themselves as well as their relative.
Professor Debbie Tolson, Director of the Alzheimer Scotland Centre for Policy, and Practice, UWS