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Develop the graduate talent pipeline your business needs

Three out of four businesses in Scotland are reporting skills shortages due to lack of skilled workers.

If you’re an employer, a Graduate Apprenticeship from UWS can help you to develop the skilled staff you need for the growth you want.

Graduate Apprenticeships have been developed in response to demand from industry, and are matched to industries that need employees with degree-level qualifications and real-world work experience.

What are the benefits to employers?

Graduate Apprenticeships are a new way for you to invest in the talents of your workforce. Through the apprenticeships you can develop your workforce and support staff to build their skills to industry and professional standards.

We’ll work with you to develop a bespoke Graduate Apprenticeship programme that delivers the skills and qualifications directly relevant to your business needs.

All course fees are met by Skills Development Scotland, which reduces the cost to employers and means you can maximise the return on your investment.

Students on Graduate Apprenticeships in Scotland | University of the West of Scotland

Get Involved

Graduate Apprenticeships are a genuine partnership between you, your employee(s) and UWS. We will work with you to develop a programme that is individually tailored to your business and skills needs.

If you are committed to developing the skills of your workforce and want to find out how a Graduate Apprenticeship might help, please email:

Who are they for?

Graduate Apprenticeships can help you recruit talented employees to your business who might otherwise follow a traditional route into university education. There’s no age limit so you can also up-skill existing employees who have the ability to study to Honours degree level.

Graduate Apprenticeships enable your employees to complete an Honours degree whilst in full-time employment.

It takes a Graduate Apprentice the same amount of time to complete a degree as a full-time student. This is because knowledge, skills and competency are gained at work as well as through study.

The split between work and study is roughly 80:20, meaning Graduate Apprentices will spend most of their time at work.

Due to the way Graduate Apprenticeships are funded, they are only available to employees living and working in Scotland.

What will your employees achieve?

As well as achieving a degree from UWS, your Graduate Apprentices will:

  • Achieve industry skills, knowledge and competency set at SQCF level 10 (Honours degree level)
  • Understand how these are applied and relevant to your business
  • Develop professional skills that can help them to achieve accelerated accreditation from a professional body
  • Gain graduate attributes including research and management capability
We are delighted to learn that University of the West of Scotland is working in partnership with Skills Development Scotland and employers, to develop and deliver Graduate Apprenticeships, offering organisations a fantastic opportunity to develop their graduate talent pipeline through highly innovative work-based learning, tailored to individual business needs. We look forward to supporting UWS in this endeavour.
Jim McCumesty, Head of Core Technologies at SAS R&D Scotland
There are a number of benefits we are already seeing as a result of Nicole undertaking this GA at UWS. She is bringing new skills to bear in her day-to-day routine on an increasingly frequent basis, but for me perhaps the most interesting benefit has been that her involvement in the GA programme has resulted in us all questioning and re-evaluating our current working practices and methodologies.
Chris Kinnaird, Managing Director of Glasgow-based Mail Marketing Business Solutions
Last updated: 06/04/2018