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Academic Appeals & Extenuating Circumstances


The University recognises that, from time to time, you may encounter issues which may prevent you from being able to submit or undertake an assessment. Where this is the case, you can complete an Extenuating Circumstances Submission (ECS) for consideration. The ECS will be forwarded to the University's Subject Panel who will take account of this declaration in recording your module marks.

Extenuating Circumstances Submissions (ECS)

Please note that Extenuating Circumstances Submissions do NOT include the following:

  • Requests for extensions to assignment deadlines or for other resit opportunities that fall within the normal timeframe of the module (usually one whole trimester). These should continue to be submitted directly to the relevant module coordinator or other named person in your School.
  • Information on personal and medical circumstances that result in absence from classes. These should also continue to be submitted to those nominated in your School or programme of study.

Please refer to the ECS guidance notes for further information:

Download the ECS Prodedure (pdf)

Please note that these guidance notes are under review and will be updated in due course. 

Students Submitting a Claim

The University's Extenuating Circumstances Submission process is online and can be accessed via Self Service Banner.

If you require assistance with this process you can seek help from the Students' Association, or contact staff at the Student Hub or Student Link on your campus. If you have any problems accessing the online procedure or documentation, please email your School. Contact information is available via the online ECS system.

Student Academic Appeals

A student appeal is defined as a request to review a decision of an academic body charged with making decisions on student engagement, assessment, progression, awards and student disciplinary cases.

How do I appeal?

Before submitting an appeal it is important that you refer to the Appeals FAQs. Please note that you must submit your appeal in writing on the relevant form within 10 working days from the publication date which informed you of the decision against which you are appealing. Your appeal will not normally be considered if not received within this timescale.

If you require assistance with this process, you can seek help from the Students' Association, or contact the staff at the Student Hub or Student Link on your campus. If you have any problems accessing documentation, please email

Download Appeals FAQs (pdf)

Student Appeals - Downloads

A UWS student can appeal against the following decisions:

Subject Panel (SP) or Progression & Awards Board (PAB)

Withdrawal from Module or Programme

UWS Senate Disciplinary Committee

UWS Fitness to Practice Committee

UWS Plagiarism Panel

Research Degree Examiners

Last updated: 27/08/2018