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Exams, Assessment & Appeals

Find out more about exams and assessment, including the options available to you for additional support and academic appeals.

Examination Diets for Academic Session 2018-19

Please note that assessments for some programmes fall outwith these dates. Students are advised to contact their programme leaders for more information.

UWS exam timetables are published on Moodle as and when they become available. To access the timetables on Moodle you can log in either using your Student login, or as a Guest.


Examination Timetables

Students are advised to re-check the dates and times of their exams no more than 2 weeks before the start of the examination period, as late changes are sometimes unavoidable.

For examinations at Robertson Sports Centre, a bus will run to the sports centre from the main entrance of Paisley campus. Please refer to the timetable for details. Students are advised to arrive in time for the first bus, as space may be limited on the second bus.

If you find that two of your exams are scheduled to take place on the same day and at the same time, please contact the Examinations Unit immediately in order that alternative arrangements can be made:

  • in person at the Hub or Student Link on your campus
  • by telephone on 0141 848 3857 
  • by email at

All notifications of exam clashes must be received by the Exams Unit no later than the stated deadline. It may not be possible for alternative arrangements to be made for any student who fails to inform the Exams Unit by this date.

How to Complete Exam Booklets

Exam Booklet, How to Complete an Exam Booklet Video | UWS | University of the West of Scotland

Information about Exams

Student Conduct in Examinations

Please familiarise yourself with the University’s expectations on Student Conduct in Examinations, and the regulation on cheating and plagiarism.

Copies of Past Examination Papers

Where available, students can access question papers from previous examination diets by logging onto Moodle and clicking on the Links section entitled “Exam Past Papers”. Copies of past papers can also be purchased from the University’s Printing Services on each campus.

Additional Support for Exams

Students with a disability

Students who have a disability, and/or specific learning difficulty such as dyslexia, are advised to register with the University's Disability Service as soon as possible. This will let the University ensure that individual arrangements are put in place to support their studies, including exam arrangements.

Students with a temporary hand/arm injury

Students who are suffering from an injury that will affect their ability to write in an exam should refer to the procedure for Students with Temporary Hand and Arm Injuries.

Information about Re-assessments

When do the resit examinations take place?

Resits from modules studied in the previous academic session will be taken at the time that the module is next offered. For example:

  • if the module is running in Term 1 of 2018-19 then the resit will be in December 2018

  • if the module is running in Term 2 of session 2018-19 then the resit will be in April 2019

Students are strongly recommended to contact their module co-ordinator to find out when the resit exam is scheduled to take place. Failure to attend the resit at the appropriate time may lead to loss of attempt.

For most programmes, the resit diet for modules studied in 2018-19 will take place from Monday 17th June - Saturday 22nd June 2019 (inclusive). The examinations will include evening slots commencing at 18:00 and on Saturday mornings and afternoons. Some modules may have different arrangements for their resits, and students are strongly recommended to contact their module co-ordinator to confirm the exam diet for specific modules.

When and where will the June examination timetable be published?

It is anticipated that the provisional timetable for the June exams at each campus will be published here by mid April. The final confirmed version of the timetable will be published here by the end of May.

It is your responsibility to note the dates, times and venues for your examinations from the timetable.

Is it possible to sit my exams outwith the University?

It may be possible to make arrangements to sit your resit examination outwith the University or overseas (subject to payment of an administrative charge and the availability of an approved venue).

Any student wishing to apply to sit a resit examination outwith the University or overseas should read the guidance notes on the Application Form.

Please note the deadlines for receipt of the completed form are as stated on the application form.

Who should I contact if I have any questions?

If you have any questions about your resit examinations or re-submission of coursework, you should contact your School office in the first instance.

Download the list of School Contacts (PDF)

Last updated: 27/08/2018