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Funding for Scottish Students

Scottish students studying at undergraduate level at UWS are entitled to various funds and support towards tuition fees and living costs.


Statutory funding for students from Scotland is administered by SAAS (Student Awards Agency Scotland).

Funding packages awarded by SAAS provide support for tuition fees and living costs in the form of a bursary and/or student loan. You must apply to SAAS every year even if you just want tuition fee support.

The SAAS funding guide provides more information about the types of funding available and eligibility requirements.

Applications are made online through the SAAS website.

Tuition Fees

The cost of tuition for eligible Scottish students are met by SAAS each year but you can usually only get this funding once at each level of study, with an extra year of funding available in case of emergencies.

If you are unable to claim tuition fee support from SAAS because you have used up your entitlement to this support, we recommend you apply for the Carnegie Trust Undergraduate Tuition Fee Grant.


There are two types of bursary:

  • Young Student Bursary
  • Independent Bursary

Eligibility is based on age and personal circumstances – further information can be found in the SAAS funding guide.

Student Loan

The Student Loans Company is a UK Government agency which offers loans to students

The student loan is repayable and does accrue interest but it is much cheaper than other types of finance such as bank loans, overdrafts or credit cards.

Interest on your loan is linked to inflation. This means the amount you pay back will be about the same in real terms as the value of the amount you borrowed. You start repaying the student loan after you leave your course, get a job and are earning over a certain threshold.

Most students will start to make payments to repay their loans once they graduate or leave their course. Repayments will either come out of your salary, or be made via the tax self-assessment process. How quickly you repay your loan will generally depend on how much you earn. You can also make voluntary payments, at any time, direct to the SLC.

Find out more about student loan repayments 

Please note: student loans are available on top of bursaries and are the largest element of your student support package. You do not have to take out the student loan, or can elect to take out only a proportion of what you are offered.

Worried about student debt?

If the thought of having student loan debt worries you, you can talk to the UWS funding and advice team to make sure you have the facts before you make any decisions.

If you are worried about managing your money or debts that you already have, you will find lots of useful advice on our money and debt advice webpages.

Last updated: 22/08/2017