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Funding for International Students

The Scottish Government does not provide any statutory student funding for international students studying in Scotland.

However, there are several scholarship and incentive schemes available to international students studying at UWS.

UWS Anniversary Scholarships for September 2018 / January 2019

To commemorate our founding in 1897, UWS is delighted to offer 120 “limited edition” Anniversary Scholarships (£1,500) aimed at students who have achieved academic excellence, such as 65% or higher in the High School/College exams for Undergraduate applicants or 69% or higher in the undergraduate degree/diploma or equivalent for Postgraduate applicants.

In exceptional circumstances, we may also consider Anniversary Scholarship applications from applicants who are able to provide other strong evidence of their academic excellence and demonstrate their commitment and motivation to study at UWS through a strong scholarship application.

The UWS Anniversary Scholarship is open to self-funding, full-time, full fee-paying, non-EU students on degree programmes at our four Scottish Campuses (excluding DBA, MBA and research programmes) for entry from September 2018.

For further information, please email us at

Progression scholarship

This scholarship is available to self-funded (non-EU) students at UWS who have maintained a good attendance of 85% minimum and overall score of 69% or higher across modules in their first year of study.

Scholarship amount


How to apply

Contact your School Service Delivery Coordinator (International).

Additional Funding


While the University can accept applications from all students for help meeting the cost of childcare, as an international student you will be unable to claim any further funding, such as discretionary or hardship funds, to help meet your living costs. You should therefore ensure you carefully consider the financial implications of study and take the time to plan ahead appropriately.

Find out more about childcare funds

Alternative Funding Sources

If there isn’t a statutory source of funding for you or your course, you may wish to consider more alternative sources of funding such as trust funds and scholarships.

Find out more about additional sources of funding

Worried about student debt?

If the thought of having student loan debt worries you, you can talk to the UWS funding and advice team to make sure you have the facts before you make any decisions.

If you are worried about managing your money or debts that you already have, you will find lots of useful advice on our money and debt advice webpages.

Last updated: 23/01/2018

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