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"This prestigious award nomination has demonstrated the commitment of Kibble, UWS and Innovate UK to transform the lives of those who have experienced trauma and pose a risk to themselves. “Our research identified the need for an affordable human-monitoring system tailored to highly supportive care settings and with technology becoming increasingly sophisticated, we were determined to be part of the solution. The bespoke creation is set to help Kibble and similar organisations deliver the highest standard of care, safety, and protection possible. "We are all are honoured to be amongst fellow businesses, third sector and public sector organisations as well as academic institutions who are all open to collaboration for the greater good. “As a social enterprise with the key value of ‘ambition’, Kibble has the drive to continually improve and help transform the lives of people within the wider community."
Jim Gillespie, Kibble CEO
"The collaboration with UWS is one of the reasons we have got so far so fast. “This is great for us as a company but it’s even better news for our environment, societies, and economies by driving better long-term outcomes for all."
Victoria Edwards, FIDO Tech CEO and founder
“Being shortlisted in the Making an Environmental Difference and Making a Social Difference Award categories is a great achievement and aligns well with our aspirations for KTP at UWS; namely, to build a balanced portfolio of projects delivering societal, environmental, and business impact with partners across the UK. “I'd like to thank all those involved from both UWS and our business partners, but especially Jawaad Latif and Ben Tilbury; our superstar KTP Associates who have been instrumental to the success of these projects.”
Stuart McKay, Senior KTP Manager, UWS KTP Centre