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Financial Statements & Regulations

This section covers information on the university’s strategy and financial management.

Pound Coins | UWS Financial Statements & Regulations | University of the West of Scotland

Financial statements

UWS’s annual financial statements can be viewed here. Information that may substantially prejudice the commercial interests of any person, personal information, or information that would disrupt the effective conduct of public affairs is excluded from publication.

UWS Financial Statements

Financial regulations

UWS’s financial regulations form a key component of its internal governance arrangements. They provide the framework for the university to maintain sound financial controls. They were approved by the UWS Court in December 2014.

Employers' Liability

University of the West of Scotland Logo PDF Download | UWS

Insured risk is legal liability for personal injury or disease sustained by employees during and arising out of or in the course of their employment in business. Insurer: Allianz

Download Employers' Liability Certificate 2018-19 (pdf)

Insurance Overview


The University of the West of Scotland has appointed Aon as its insurance broker. Each year the level of insurance required is reviewed and quotes received from the insurance market.



Material Damage/Business Interuption including Money

Material Damage Section

All premises owed, occupied or utilised by the University in the operation of business as notified to Insurers in the UK and Eire. Buildings cover includes landlord fixture and fittings, machinery plant and all other contents, stock and material in trade, stock debris and removal costs.

All Risk

Equipment, the property of the Insured or for which they are responsible whilst on educational trips anywhere within Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man and Channel Islands.

Insurer: Zurich Municipal

Business Interruption

Covering, loss of gross revenue in respect of commercial activies, rent receivable, increased cost of working, additional increased cost of working and gross revenue in respect of research grants and contracts, resulting from interruption of the business at the premises following destruction or damage as insured by the property damage policy.

Insurer: Royal and Sun Alliance and Norwich Union


Cash, bank notes, cheques, giro cheques, bankers drafts, money orders, postal orders, bills of exchange, unused postage stamps, national insurance stamps, national savings stamps and certificates holidays-with-pay stamps, credit company sales vouchers and VAT purchase invoices all the Insured's own or for which he is responsible and luncheon vouchers the Insured's own whilst in his custody.

Insurer: Zurich Municipal

Combined Liability

Employers' Liability

Insured risk is legal liability for personal injury or disease sustained by employees during and arising out of or in the course of their employment in business.

Copies of the Employers Liability Certificate 2017-18 are available for download in pdf format.

Public/Products Liability Section

Covering, loss or damage to property, not owned by or in the custody or control of the Insured. Death of or injury or disease to persons other than employees in connection with Business. Including liability arising from goods sold, supplied, renovated or services (products Liability).

Insurer: Allianz

Directors and Officers Liability

Indemnity the Directors or Officers of the Insured against loss form any claim or claims made against them jointly or severally during the period of insurance by reason of any Wrongful Act in the capacity of Director or Officer of the company.

Insurer: Zurich Municipal


All Risks of physical loss or damage in respect of laptops, property of the insured, cover applied worlwide and whilst in transit.

Insurer: Zurich Municipal


Employee and Third Party Fraud cover

Insured risk is cover for dishonest acts committed by employees or third parties against the University Insurer Royal & Sun Alliance.

Personal Accident/Travel

Personal Accident and Business Travel insurance will be available for all staff and students who have completed and returned the Travel Abroad Insurance Notification (TAIN) form for authorised and approved business or field trips abroad which commences during the period of insurance.  This Insurance is available in connection with University business only.


AUM PA/Travel on behalf of Chubb European Group Ltd, AXIS Speciality Europe SE and Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance PLC

Engineering Inspection

Boiler & Pressure Plan, Lifting & Handling Plant and Electrical & Mechanical Plant, covering sudden and unforeseen damage.

Insurer: Zurich Municipal

Contractors All Risks

Permanent and temporary works executed in performance of the contracts and materials for incorporation therein while on the sites of the contracts.



Motor Fleet

Any motor vehicle owned by or hired or lent to the University and declared to Insurers.

Insurer: Zurich Municipal

Professional Indemnity

Civil liability in connection with the conduct of Professional Business.

Insurer: Royal & Sun Alliance

Last updated: 26/07/2017