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University Court

The University Court is the governing body of the University. The Court has wide ranging powers, in particular relating to the strategic direction of the University and the execution of the University’s financial responsibilities. The Court has delegated powers related to purely academic matters to the Senate.

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University Senate

The University Senate is responsible for the overall planning, co-ordination, development and supervision of the academic work of the University.  Under the University’s Constitution the Senate has responsibility for granting the University’s academic awards.

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Chair of Court

The Chair of Court has responsibility for the leadership of the University Court, ensuring it operates effectively and in accordance with the University’s Constitution.  The Chair also plays a key role in ensuring the institution is well connected with its stakeholders, including staff and students.

UWS’s Professor Craig Mahoney | Principal & Vice Chancellor | University of the West of Scotland

Principal & Vice Chancellor

The Principal & Vice-Chancellor is appointed by the University Court as the chief academic and administrative officer of the University. The Principal is the Chair of the Senate and the Designated (Accounting) Officer under the terms of the SFC Financial Memorandum. Responsibility for the day-to-day running of the University rests with the Principal & Vice-Chancellor supported by the Vice-Chancellor’s Executive Group and a University Leadership Team.

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Donna McMillan | Secretary to Court & Director of Corporate Support | UWS

Secretary to the Court

The Secretary to Court is a Court appointment and has responsibility for ensuring that the business of the Court is conducted in accordance with the University's constitution and any legislation, rules or regulations to which the University is subject.  The Secretary to Court is a source of professional advice to the Court, its members and to the Principal & Vice-Chancellor.

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