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Sustainability Plan 2016 to 2020

The UWS Sustainability Plan outlines our ambition to achieve a 20% reduction in carbon by 2020 and how we go beyond this in embedding Sustainability in Education and the wider student experience. The Plan highlights how we support our students, staff and local communities through Initiatives which have a positive impact on economic, social and environmental sustainability.

Download the Sustainability Plan 2016 to 2020 PDF

Sustainability Annual Report

The UWS Sustainability Annual report 2018/19 highlights activity and progress against the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the tremendous success in cutting our carbon emissions by 4670 tonnes of CO2e (42%) since 2012/13. This is double the targeted 20% by 2020 and testament to our vision to create sustainable, forward thinking environments, such as our award winning Lanarkshire Campus.

Download the Sustainability Annual Report PDF

UWS Climate Ready – Adaptation Plan

Extreme weather and climate change threaten to damage UWS premises and interfere with the systems we rely on for day-to-day business continuity. Developing and implementing our Adaptation Plan allows us to understand our vulnerability to current and future climate change, to recognise and assess the risks and also to identify research opportunities to further advance knowledge and understanding of our changing climate.

Download the UWS Climate Ready – Adaptation Plan PDF
Last updated: 04/02/2021