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UWS Student Receiving Student Support & Wellbeing | University of the West of Scotland

Supporting you

UWS is an inclusive and accessible modern university. We are committed to ensuring that every student gets the most out of their university experience, regardless of their personal circumstances.

We have a diverse student population so always endeavour to provide our services on a case-by-case basis, considering each student's unique circumstances and how to best meet their individual needs.

You can also find out more about the services we have available to support your studies and wellbeing here.


If you are a parent planning to study at UWS, childcare is going to be a major consideration. It is important that you find the right childcare provider for you and have access to any funding that you may be entitled to in order to help you meet the cost of this.

At UWS, we do not have childcare facilities but we are in the unique position of being able to offer childcare funding to many students who demonstrate a need for this additional financial support. 

Visit the Money, Fees and Funding section of the website to find out more about the support that might be available through your statutory student support package.  You will then also be able to see details of the discretionary and childcare funds available for UWS students, along with application guidelines.

It is important that you thoroughly research the funding options that are available to you before you commit to any childcare contracts. In order to help you do this, we recommend applying as early as possible for your statutory student support. We also start accepting applications to the discretionary and childcare funds as early as 1st July, so you can receive a decision about the funding you are eligible for before terms starts.

As a university student, you will be expected to undertake some independent study as well as attending classes and lectures. Our childcare fund procedures take this into account, so we don’t need you to wait until you have a timetable before you can apply. The funding is flexible. If you need help sourcing appropriate childcare, the following organisations may be able to assist:


Silvercloud is an interactive and engaging Cognitive Behavioural Therapy tool that gives students access to online modules, including: 

  • Understanding feelings 
  • Facing your fears 
  • Spotting and challenging thoughts 
  • Managing worry 

It is easy to use; accessible on computers, tablets and mobile phones; and available to all UWS students.

You can access SilverCloud using your student email address as soon as you are enrolled as a student at UWS. There are links via MyDay and the Disability Service and Counselling webpages. 

Last updated: 30/09/2020